How to make a floor under parquet correctly

The most difficult thing in laying parquet is not the masonry process itself, but the preparation of the floor for styling. The preparation of the floor for parquet must be taken seriously if you want your parquet to serve you for a long time faithfully and true. Accept to believe that for laying parquet the floor needs only to leve. This is an erroneous opinion.

Self -aligning methods. Each method Read more.

Concrete preparation. It should be clarified that in this process there are several stages. The first step is the floor of the floor with a concrete mixture to remove the main irregularities of the floor. The next step is to fill the floor with vetonitis. This material allows you to perfectly align the floor, but its price is very high. If the previous layer was not made correctly, then the vetonite will need more than this was assumed. The next layer is plywood, which will prevent the penetration of moisture into the parquet board, and also warm the floor.

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Adjustable floors. Such a floor is adjustable lags or plywood. Lags are made of wood and have holes for bolts. Such lags are attached to the floor and, turning, regulate the surface of the floor. Next, a parquet board or laminate is laid on the lags. The space between the parquet and the floor is filled with air, so the moisture is not terrible for you and your parquet will last longer. Also, this technology for preparing the floor for laying parquet is convenient when redevelopment of the room and to save the height of the walls, since the maximum height of 19 cm.

You can also use plywood sheets to the place of the lag. They have hard fastening with metal dowels-claws. After leveling the first layer of plywood, the second layer is applied. Such a floor leveling system is suitable for rooms with a low ceiling, as it allows you to save the height of the walls.

Parting floor preparation requires thorough development. Adjustable floors have an advantage, since their installation is not carried out for so long (on average 4-5 days) than concrete preparation. It takes several months of work for concrete training, especially since this option is very costly.