How to put a stove in the house correctly

A stove in a private house can perform not only a decorative function, but also serve according to its old intended intended purpose, that is, to heat the room and cook food on it. Well, if it is also also professionally decorated, it will give the room an exceptionally original look.

If you only dream of your own house, our cottage village is waiting for you. Ceramic tiles are usually used for furnace decoration. This material is a pleasant look of material that effectively reduces heat loss. With proper styling, ceramic tiles can last a very long time.

Before starting work, the surface is carefully prepared. It is necessary to get rid of dirt, dust and old building materials. As a result, your gaze should appear a clean surface on which we can clearly distinguish the brick or other material from which the stove is folded. The seams between the structural elements must be cleaned by about 10-15 mm.

Having cleaned the surface well, it must be treated with a damp sponge, thereby stinging the remains of dirt and dust. Next, a special grid is laid on the surface, the cells of which coincide with the size of the tile. This frame is attached with self -tapping screws. The holes are drilled with a winning drill.

The tile itself is laid on a special heat -resistant glue. In addition to it, you can use special adhesive compounds designed for reliable fixation of ceramic tiles. If the solution is made on water, it is recommended to add a not large amount of salt, which will prevent the evaporation of moisture.