How to stick wallpaper at home

To create a warm and cozy atmosphere in the house, wallpaper plays a significant role. It is important not only to choose the right color scheme, but also skillfully sticking them out. This is what today will be discussed.

First you need to prepare the walls. Do not glue newspapers, wallpaper should be glued either on the bare surface or on old wallpaper. To align the surface, plaster is used. The surface should be even, but rough.

If the length of the roll with wallpaper is approximately 10 meters, then the wallpaper should be cut into 3 parts. It may be necessary to docking and fitting according to the drawing.

If we are talking about paper wallpaper, then glue should be applied to them. This is most convenient to do on the floor. Strips of wallpaper are folded in half so that they are saturated with glue, then they can be glued to the wall. If it is necessary to stick wallpaper on a non -woven basis, then the glue is applied directly to the wall, it is much easier and more convenient.

As for the wallpaper sticker itself, they should be applied at the ceiling and further led down to the floor. It is better to start glue strips of wallpaper from the window towards the door. Thick wallpapers glue the wire, thin paper, usually overwhelmed.

When buying glue, it is important to choose the right type of wallpaper, which will be pasted. On the packaging with glue there is always a dosage instructions and the method of breeding glue. Do not neglect such rules, in order to avoid troubles.

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