How to furnish the house after construction

How to arrange a house correctly after the completion of construction, probably, every its own question was asked by this question. After all, the situation in the room is an equally important component of the entire construction.

For example, the curtains in the room need to select other tones than the colors of the walls so that the room has some kind of accents, and not be monotonous and merged. But we must remember that they should be the same tone so that the interior looks harmonious and supplemented.

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After all, harmoniously selected colors of curtains can negatively affect your perception of the room, cause aggression and irritation. You also need to pay attention to the material from which the curtains are made. After all, too subtle and light material, or vice versa, a rude one can emphasize some kind of remnants of your room, and give it not desirable severity and non-comfort. And vice versa give your interior some kind of novelty, lightness and tenderness.

It is also important to play the interior in the interior of the interior if you decide to decorate your walls with them. A small picture, on a large wall, look poor and faded, but too big a picture, on the contrary, can draw attention to unnecessary details. It is better to place several paintings on one wall, but we must remember not to overload the wall. Therefore, you need to select not only the size of the picture, but also the drawing itself and the frame.