Installation of ventilation systems and its features

As you know, fans are called devices that drive the air. Certain places of installation and purpose of fans are different. In turn, they differ in power, structural features and device.

There are axial fans and radial fans in design. In the axial device, the air movement occurs thanks to the axis and movement of the screw, which is made of several blades. Such fans are used in rooms where a large amount of air exchange is needed. Another principle of operation is characteristic of radial type fans. Due to its design, the air goes in the radial direction, and, therefore, easily moves even with a large resistance.

Installation of radial ventilation is possible in conditions where air masses do not have aggressiveness. Such a fan is installed in a pre -formed hole, and wall and window types of ventilation equipment are attached to ventilation openings directly on the wall.

Before installing such fans, preparatory work needs to be done, which include the design of air conditioning systems. Among the work performed, it is possible to note the lighting of the installation zone, the organization of measures to safely perform work. Prior to the installation of ventilation systems, the necessary fans in the collected form are delivered. It is necessary to conduct an external inspection of the electric engine of the fan, as well as perform the audit of the presence of all components: nuts, bolts, fences, slide, etc. D.

Preparation before installation includes cleaning and flushing parts from corrosion and oil. In addition, it is necessary to remove all the anti -corrosion coating. The installation method depends on the design of ventilation equipment. It must be performed in a certain sequence.

Roof fans are designed to eliminate air through the roof. They are affected by the external environment, so they are made with special protection. Before the installation begins, it is necessary to check the correspondence of the diametric dimensions of the fan and the reinforced concrete glass in which the structure will be installed. Installation, as a rule, is carried out using tower cranes.