Laminate egger compakt oak amines light

The German manufacturer of the EgGer flooring represents the Compakt collection – this is a laminate that, by all signs, textures and sizes, resembles a massive board. This brand of laminate is carried out in accordance with European standards-eight millimeters-it can be combined with floor coverings of other collections and brands. The Compakt series is represented by a laminate, the thickness of which two and a half millimeter at the base and ten and a half gives the substrate.

At the Egger laminate from light oak amines, the decor is similar to a narrow massive board. Due to their sizes, fairly non -fingered strips are ideal for medium rooms, spacious apartments and cozy cottages. Neat bevels – V4 – emphasize the grace of each bar. The texture of the laminate from the omeins oak is heterogeneous, due to which it allows you to hide shallow scratches and insignificant dust. Thanks to this, it will retain its original appearance for a long time even with careless operation.

HDF QUELL StopPPP PLUS laminate plate has a high density, 930 kilograms per meter cubic, which allows you to save locks when walking in heels. The plate is waterproof and does not contain wax impregnation, which allows you to combine it with a “warm floor”.

Laminate can be laid exactly like brickwork, rising, without the use of glue. JUST CLIC Castle provides each plate with increased tightness. It is worth noting that often you have to face a problem when the laminate strips are poorly adjusted and the gaps remain. With oak amines, there will be no such problem.

Egger Compakt laminate is endowed with a certificate of quality of European standards EN 13329-32, which confirms the thirty-second grade of abrasion. Unlike a Chinese laminate with a named abrasion of thirty -third and thirty -fourth grades, Egger Compakt will serve at least 20 years.

The printed surface of the oak oak laminate has an exact image. It is for the accuracy of the press that the most costs in the production of the laminate. If you visually compare Egger Compakt with other brands, you will always see a significant difference.