Pinches from external load.

We will show the illustration of calculations on the example of calculating the frame, on the left slope of which the vertical evenly distributed load acts.

The calculation is performed by the method of consistent approaches, known in literature and practice as a “cross method”.

The calculation of such frames in the above method is made in two stages. In the beginning, efforts are found in the sections of the non -free frame, then the efforts from displacement are determined.

To calculate the distribution coefficients, the engineer fills the columns, and then according to the formulas graph, the operator makes calculations.

To determine the moments of pinching, the engineer prescribes the formulas by which the operator makes calculations.

Moments of pinching from the external load:

The consistent balance of the moments and the determination of their values ​​in the nodes of the non -free frame from single movements are made in the tabular form.

At the same time, the engineer writes out in the fourth line only moments of pinching. Acceleration is performed by the memor of the memorized algorithm.

Hz reactions in fictitious connections are calculated by the operator for the formulas compiled by the engineer.

At the top of the table, the instructions to the operator are fed by the actions above the numbers listed in the previous columns of the same line. In each line of the same calculation graphs are performed according to the same formula. The instruction will be given in the form of a formula, where instead of algebraic characters, as a rule, there are numbers of the graph in which the initial data or intermediate values ​​are recorded.

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