Urban Practice of Magnitogorsk

In resolution of health and wind protection functions, free and special tracing of streets with changes in their direction and green barriers from the wind is of great importance.

Noteworthy areas of planning and buildings of quarters, taking into account the location of the MMK and the direction of the winds. Examples of free development in the city with the placement of houses with ends to the streets, the plant and the direction of strong dominant winds (with the proposal of the proper orientation of houses in the countries of the world) showed great advantages of this urban planning principle in achieving the best sanitary and hygienic living conditions in this area. When looking for methods for protecting quarters from strong winds, one should not forget about the need to ventilate intra -quarter spaces. Experience shows that the techniques of closed buildings of quarters using corner houses lead to the formation of the “dead” (in the sense of ventilation) of quarters, where, in addition, the harmful products of coke and metallurgical production falling into the city air basin settled into the air basin. Not completely excluding the need to use the houses from the wind, you should mainly focus on thick green windproof barriers that allow you to solve the entire complex of functional, hygienic and aesthetic requirements (wind protection, insolation and ventilation, air neutralization, etc. e).

The urban planning practice of Magnitogorsk presents interesting material in relation to the development of the principles of microdistrict of urban development in both the early and at the present stage of construction. A significant difference between modern residential microdistricts with a wide network of cultural and domestic buildings, a microdistrict sports nucleus, full engineering equipment and landscaping, from the first residential massif, interpreted as a microdistrict, is characteristic. The principles of microdistrict and free planning are successfully developing in the projects of new residential arrays of the central part of the right -bank.