Preparing the bathroom for repair

Before starting preparation for repairs, you need to take out all the things from the bathroom. Remove all that does not require dismantling items. For such a difficult business as dismantling, the assistant will not hurt you. Of course, there are men who can cope with the entire amount of work on their own.

If you want to dismantle the tile, then you will need a perforator or a chisel with a hammer, a screwdriver, maybe some more additional tools. To dismantle the rest of the plumbing in the bathroom and pipes, you will need keys to disconnect the pipes and disconnect the mixers and cranes.

When dismantling the bathroom, you need to disconnect the drain pipe from it. If the bath has legs that are connected to the floor, then you need to disconnect the mount with the floor. If the bathtub does not move away from the walls, the joints were carefully covered with special material or cement, then you can knock around the edges with a hammer or try to recapture the material from the wall if it is a pity to spoil the bath. After all, it can be taken to the country and use it there on hot summer days. Now you can freely move the bath from your place. You can start dismantling cranes. The main thing is not to forget to get off the supply of cold and hot water first. Remove the mixer from the sink, then the shell itself. You can put on special plugs on drain pipes.

At the end of the work, it is necessary to remove, the waste received during the dismantling. Castle or vacuum the bathroom. The bathroom is ready to carry out facing work, the installation of new plumbing equipment, accessories and other items necessary for the bathroom.