Using glued beam beams

The properties of high strength have glued beams used as a rafter or toching in the construction of the floors of loggias, inter -boarding, balconies, when installing a roof that carries a load. The largest strength is larch, so the sale of houses from glued beam is very active. Of all coniferous trees, she has the greatest density. The level of strength of the rafter beams made of whole wood is much lower than that of the beams made of glued timber. If the outer layers of glued timber are made of pine, its cost will be half. The pine tree in durability, of course, loses the larch, but it is processed using antiseptics and environmentally friendly Finnish impregnations.

The inner layers are made of pine or spruce. They have a lot of resin, however, the density is much less. These wooden wood have good thermal insulation properties. The inner side of the beam is made from the Siberian cedar, which has therapeutic qualities. Now there are many legends on this occasion. Kedra tree has a decorative look and incredibly beautiful.

The level of reliability of the building depends not only on the walls and foundation, but also on the rafter beams that are supporting structures. For this reason, rafter beams from such a beam attract special attention of the developer. This type of materials is higher in cost, compared with beams from a whole beam, but the demand for beams from such a beam does not become less, since any type of construction company thinks about the prospect of its facilities. The use of rafter beams from glued beams in the construction of the beams will increase the level of reliability, the durability and period of guaranteeing the construction when using it. One of the most important roles during the construction of the facility is the choice of the customer of structural main elements. If the choice was made in favor of buildings from glued beams, then the level of durability of the object, which is built,.