Using storm sewers

Many of us today cannot do without storm sewers, as it creates an additional positive function to withdraw used water. Therefore, Livnevka has gained very widespread today.

Livne sewage systems today can perform several very useful functions: the removal of rain, watering and meltwater from residential, industrial and public buildings, highways, streets and other public places.

“Livnevka” today is divided into three very important systems: collection, filtering, sanitation systems.

The collection system includes a special compartment and a high -quality sand separator. These two important elements can reduce the velocity of the water flow to the laminar and besiege the solid substances from large to the smallest vessel at the bottom of the exposure to gravity.

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The second and third systems carry out the deposition of suspended substances and release oil and oil products from the outside mechanically. The allocation itself is due to a special colescent block. The water passing through it is subject to separation from them of oil products and oil in dissolved form. After all, if these two products penetrate the sewer, a whole system will begin to clog, which will lead to breakdowns and leakage of some places in the “Livnevka”. However, sensors who stand on separators of substances control the level of pop -up oil products, which avoids unnecessary problems.

The storm system also has a fourth, and fifth stage, which form a sorption unit and a UV block. They are designed to clean rainwater.