What is crushed stone and why it is used

Crushed stone belongs to those few building materials that do not require additional processing and can be used in their original form. Crushed stone – universal material. It can be used in many construction work, as well as as a decorative element. Crushed stone is used in many areas: during the construction of railway embankments, for the production of strong concrete mixtures, improvement of different territories and adjacent plots, as well as for decorative and even finishing work.

“Production” of crushed stone is quite simple: crushed stone is the result of crushing a mountain or rocky breed. The fragments obtained after crushing are sifted through special sieves, and as a result, crushed stone is obtained, consisting of breeds of the breed of approximately the same size. Depending on the breed that was crushed for the formation of crushed stone, construction gravel can be of several types: gravel, granite, slag, as well as secondary. Secondary crushed stone is a result, or a product, processing such construction debris as concrete and brick. This crushed stone is very inexpensive, but its quality leaves much to be desired. But he also finds application in many construction and economic work.

The hardest granite crushed stone is, which makes it the most valuable building material. Granite crushed stone is mined using an explosion of granite rocky rocks. Gravel crushed stone is inferior to granite. This crushed stone is obtained with crushing career rocks. Slag crushed stone is slag melts that have been subjected to special processing. Any construction company selects a suitable type of crushed stone based on the specifics of the works that have to be done. The scope of gravel directly depends on its type, that is, strength, and size.