What is European repair?

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Quite often, the concept of “European -renovation” flickers by ear, but not everyone knows its meaning. Conducting renovation implies compliance with European standards and quality standards.

Secure repair involves the employment of qualified specialists, such as the interior designer and narrowly -fired construction profile specialists who can qualitatively carry out the entire range of work. The selection of quality materials is important. The customer and designer, the leading project, coordinate color schemes and textures of the finish.

In the implementation of renovation, all the necessary communications and systems are carried out. Therefore, during the repair process, channels for air conditioners are prepared, nests for built -in vacuum cleaners, fire safety systems and video. An mount is also prepared for the installation of a satellite antenna and fiber -optic communication.

It is almost impossible to independently carry out finishing work when performing a European. It will be better if professionals do these work. Thanks to the efforts of a professional designer, you can get a display of modern trends in the interior.

A prerequisite for European-renovation is to install double-glazed windows performed according to the Euro-standards, but they may be an alternative to install windows from an oak mass, which are more environmentally friendly and safe.

Upon completion of construction work with the help of specialists, the assembly and installation of furniture is carried out