What is internal lightning protection?

Despite the fact that the direct blow of the zipper due to external lightning protection is allocated, there is always the likelihood that the secondary manifestation of discharges will occur.

In order to opposition to their negative effects, internal lightning protection is used. It is a system of electronic and electrical equipment. Its feature is a feature of sensitivity in relation to atmospheric interference. High -quality and effective internal lightning protection should be mounted exclusively experienced and qualified specialists.

As a result of the secondary manifestation, an overvoltage effect is sometimes observed, which negatively affects the network of a certain structure. It is no secret that each voltage that exceeds the maximum permissible knowledge for a particular network can provoke quite deplorable consequences – failure of devices, electrical equipment, combustion of wiring, etc.

In a situation with a secondary manifestation of lightning, pulsed overvoltage is formed on the network, which is a high short -term stress that appeared with a short duration (up to one millisecond) between phases and earth. As a result of the impact of such a voltage, the network is able to fail.

Today’s internal lightning protection is aimed at securing power supply networks from impulse overstrain. The deployment of such a system is based on the zone concept. The free space of the premises, as well as a variety of external sites near buildings are conditionally classified into zones. As a result of zoning, the permissible degree of influence of the electromagnetic field is determined, based on the parameters of electrical strength.

Internal complex lightning protection, provided with the use of equipment and devices for protection against overstrain, is a protection system in almost all areas where there is a chance of overvoltage and aiming. Similar protection is carried out: on telecommunication lines, power networks, local networks, towers, antenna and cable lines, etc. D.

Internal lightning protection guarantees maximum protection of the organization, power networks and equipment. Naturally, its installation should be trusted exclusively by experienced professionals.