Stretch ceiling: than it is better than others?

At the very beginning of this article, it is worth noting that stretch ceilings are mounted very quickly. Work on their installation takes from one to three days. Even suspended ceilings, and at the same time repair of the old ceiling, will take much more time and effort. In general, regarding the old ceiling, many refuse to repair it, since the removal of the old whitewash, plaster, the launch of cracks, applying new whitewashing – all this will require huge costs, time and, again, effort. Moreover, getting an absolutely even surface will not be so easy. Another advantage of acquiring a stretch ceiling is the placement of lamps not where the builders provide, but where the owner himself wants. The peculiarity lies in design: stretch ceilings are suitable for absolutely any interior. Stretch ceilings today are performed in almost any color scheme, as well as with different surface coating.

However, stretch ceilings have one significant minus compared to suspended ones: a very high price. Nevertheless, we all know that quality must be paid. And stretch ceilings, in addition to quality and reliability, also have other, no less important, advantages. In addition to what has already been said above, stretch ceilings do not need to be repaired, have a dusting coating that can be very easily washed or wiped if necessary. These factors greatly facilitate the repair and operation of such a ceiling.

Remember that stretch ceilings offer prices quite high, however, believe me, they are worth it, because if you want a high -quality ceiling that you can operate for years, you can’t find it better for you, you can’t find it.