Beautiful design of doorways

In Soviet times, people taught to live without luxury, which led to the fact that after the collapse of the country that occupied one sixth of the land, each person tries to stand out, show their uniqueness. One way to do this is something peculiar in terms of repair, for example, doorways. It is about them that will be discussed in this article.

When designing doorways, you can make a typical apartment with something unusual, mysterious and peculiar. This is what attracts most of the people to take such a step. The installation process itself takes very little time, but an unprepared person can “ditch” building material with an incorrect installation or incorrect measurements, therefore, if you are not confident, better call specialists.

If you decide to do everything yourself, then remember that the doorways take on a huge load, so you need to install the frame very tightly, otherwise distortions or “killing” of the cladding are possible. Do not forget about the golden truth about “measure seven times – cut off once”. All joints are filled with mounting foam, after which the cladding is screwed to the already dried frame.

It is necessary to take into account the fact that the strongest materials are synthetic, which, among other things, are also cheaper than a tree, so that the principle does not work here that the more expensive, the better.

Summing up everything written above, I would like to advise once again not to do this work on your own, not being confident in yourself and your abilities, otherwise you will draw up doorways “before the second coming” and invest more than give professionals for one -time installation.