Formation of patterns from tiles, options for cladding

Modern tiles allow you to transfer various drawings to the wall, which sometimes are whole paintings. For the correct location and formation of a pattern or the creation of a certain design solution, there are various technologies for laying and mutual arrangement of plates on the wall. The choice makes a tile, but based on the wishes of the customer and after the miscalculation of the amount of the necessary material and possible residues that will inevitably be. Placement of tiles obliquely is the most complex styling method, t. To. will have to adjust a large amount of material under the pattern. In addition, such a technique implies the largest amount of waste that cannot be used in the future. You can use the styling “into a run”, the essence of which in the selection of the optimal number of plates, which are placed in a special way – the middle of the plates from the higher row is located above the seam of the lower row. Thus, the amount of waste is minimized, t. To. only a vertical will have to be cut.

Another good option is to place the seams over the other and is called “seam to the seam”. Symmetric and asymmetric styling options are possible in this case, this option requires a good propagation and a competent tile, which can minimize waste. The essence of the symmetrical location is the installation of the central plate, from which it moves to the corners, usually in this case you will have to cut the tile from both sides. The asymmetric option is the most economical, if it is correctly calculated, you can get a minimum amount of waste. The choice of work technology remains with the master, the owners set the task. A good tile will try to choose the optimal path that will take into account the specifics of the picture, minimize the consumption of expensive material and reduce the complexity of the work performed. In practice, it is very difficult to find a good master, so you often have to put up with the overspending of the material and the displacement of patterns regarding the axis of symmetry.