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During the construction or during the repair process, plastic windows were installed in the room. Then it is necessary to make their appearance more accurate and attractive.

To do this, you will have to work on slopes and then the windows will really be able to comply with the standards, they will not be able to pass air and aesthetic attractiveness will appear. If you independently fail to make the decoration of slopes, then you can visit the Ukrainian Forum about earnings and find workers who have experience in such work.

Typically, firms that sell windows are engaged only in their installation. Further finishes are forced to do completely different people. It is necessary to put in order external and internal slopes, to seal the window sill. All these works are carried out without fail, otherwise the foam will be destroyed under the influence of sunlight. Cracks may form accordingly, which will cause blowing, drafts. So first of all, it is necessary to make the finish of external slopes, which are influenced by weather conditions. For this, you can use silicone sealant or special expensive sealing tape. Many experts recommend using the following method. First, plastering is carried out, and then the slopes of frost -resistant and moisture -resistant glue are already covered. This method of decoration is completely unusual, but reliable.

Inside the room, slopes can be plastered or covered with plastic. Here the method of finishing will depend on financial resources that are available. The use of plaster will cost cheaper, but it is worth it to choose the right materials for such work. They must have thermal insulation properties to protect the window from hypothermia.

The finish of the slopes with the help of plastic will be able to give the room an original look. In addition, in the process of work, foam is used, which can become a good heater for the window.