How the installation of climate technology is carried out?

To ensure a reliable fastening of the internal element of the air conditioner, you need to indicate to the master the place that you have chosen. It is best to apply for installation services to specialists. To date, many companies provide services for the sale and installation of air conditioners.

First of all, you need to find out how much the installation of the air conditioner costs. Remember that the rates for the installation of air conditioners start at $ 100. Less simply cannot be! Otherwise, the service will not be performed very high quality. And this, of course, will negatively affect the work of the air conditioner and the timing of his service. The “trick” with additional fees is quite common, when you need to pay extra for departure, tools and consumables. Usually, the installation of the air conditioner is 2-3 hours.

The most popular today are air conditioners from Samsung, Daikin, Panasonic and Mitsubishi. Supra and Hitachi air conditioners are no less popular. Their installation, usually it is much cheaper.

It must be remembered that the installation of the substrate is performed not by eye, but by level. Therefore, look so that the masters called by you do their work according to the norms. To mount the substrate to the wall, the masters need dowels. It is very important that the workers have equipment of various modifications.

Competent and accurate installation of air conditioners is a clear observance of requirements and norms at all stages.

The track along which the refrigerant flows is mounted in the box. But this is only when the repair is already completed in the room. If the repair is just beginning, then the installation of the air conditioner is carried out with a tilt of the wall. In this case, the strobe is created directly for the track. Depth, usually 2-3 cm.

Installation of an external element is the most difficult. Small cargo lifts can become helping at the height. Here you need to use exclusively a factory -type mount. In order to prevent metal corrosion, the mount should be painted using powder paint.