Laminate, miracle coverage these days

This is the most popular floor covering. This type of coatings began its existence in the eighties. Laminate texture, color and drawing sometimes simply cannot be distinguished from natural materials. It is very wear -resistant. Prices delight with their availability. After all, they are much less than the price of a parquet board.

The basis for laying the laminate can be plywood or wood, as well as various vinyl coatings. Put it simply, as well as collect it back, for example, when moving. Since it does not attach to the floor, but only adheres to each other.

The most popular type of drawing of this coating is wood in the context. There is a large selection of color. Some even produce a type of stone. All materials have pros and cons, and this material is no exception.

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Pros of laminate coating. It can easily be laid and disassembled. – a large selection of all kinds of drawings, and even a monolithic coating can imitate.

Easy to wash. It is practically impossible to scratch the laminate. The claws of animals are not afraid of him, like the cigarette butts, he is harmless to humans and the environment.

Minuses. You can’t cycle laminate. Low quality laminate will be constantly dirty. All due to the fact that static electricity will appear when moving along it, and dirt will stick to it more in the form of dust. Compared to parquet, the floor of such material will be cold.

All the same, he is very popular, since he has more advantages. The most important price attracts consumers. So, if you have a desire to have a laminate floor in your apartment, but you doubt, there is no need to doubt. This coating can over time even displace parquet.

In most cases, all the shortcomings of flooring, including laminate, can be attributed to the fact that the consumer does not styling according to technology. Hence the lesser service life. Not correct care also plays a small role in the life expectancy of a laminate.