Wallpaper sticker on stained walls

Whatever condition in the wall on the wall, which you are going to glue the wallpaper, it must be removed. Even good paint cracks over time, crumbles and absorbs unpleasant odors. To clean the wall, you will need sandpaper with large grain. After stripping the wall, the crumbling places must be thrust, wait until the putty dries and walk around it again. If there is a skirting board on the floor, it needs to be removed and after the end of the work should be attached back.

The wallpaper of wet or mold covered with molds is not allowed. It is not enough to dry and treat the walls with an antifungal agent, since mold will certainly appear again. It is necessary to eliminate the cause of mold. After that, you can simply close the wall with a sheet of drywall or any roller insulator, attach a plastic crate to it and apply a layer of dry mixture to it. When the mixture dries, it is necessary to primed the surface. The primer can be selected absolutely any, but the primer of a deep penetration is best suited, it aligns the wall well and will prepare it for adhesive. Glue should approach the type of wallpaper that you are going to stick. After drying the primer, glue is applied to the wall, when it dries a little, you can begin to glue the wallpaper.

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