Wallpaper sticker on the ceiling with your own hands

In order to update the interior of your apartment, first of all, you need to make cosmetic repairs and update the furniture that is installed in your home. Any repair in the room needs to start with the ceiling. For decorative ceiling decoration, you can use the most diverse finishing materials. If you do not have great financial capabilities, then opt for ceiling walls.

This type of material has not a high cost. At the same time, the wallpaper can easily be glued to the surface with your own hands, that is, you will not need to pay for the master’s services to finish. If you want to improve your financial condition and only after that make repairs, then you can purchase a product to sell in bulk. For example, you can purchase in bulk extensions in a company that offers materials for installation of electrical wiring and lighting.

If you purchased ceiling wallpaper, then you will also need a special wallpaper glue, roller, brush and “butterfly”. To do the work, align the surface of the ceiling, immediately after remove the old decorative coating. You can align the ceiling using a putty or with drywall. After applying any material for leveling, you must process the surface of the ceiling using a primer.

Glue is applied with a brush to the surface of the wallpaper. The canvas is glued gradually, while smoothed with a roller and a “butterfly”. All canvases are glued to the joint so that there are no gaps between them. Complete the work, a sticker of ceiling paper edging, the same glue as the wallpaper.