Wallpaper sticker on the walls of the apartment

If you plan to carry out cosmetic repairs in your home, then, first of all, you need to pay special attention to the decoration of the walls of the room. In this case, you should choose high -quality, durable in operation and modern material. To date, in a store of finishing materials, you can be offered different types of materials, but most often they use wallpaper for decorative wall decoration. The wallpaper has not high cost compared to other types of finishing materials.

Any person can stick wallpaper on the walls with your own hands. But if you do not have enough free time to independently decorate the walls, since you are engaged in choosing and purchasing a stairs to the house, then the work on pasting walls can be entrusted to masters who can quickly do all the work.

For wallpapers, it is necessary to cut the roll into the canvases. The length of the canvas should be equal to the height of the room plus three to five centimeters. For the sticker you need to purchase a special wallpaper glue, which must be diluted in advance in water. Glue is applied with a brush on the back of the wallpaper canvas. Previously, you need to remove the old coating from the walls and treat the surface with a disinfecting solution. Walls for gluing wallpaper should be even, bumps can be leveled using a cement mortar.

The canvas is glued to the wall and is immediately smoothed out using a construction roller and a construction “butterfly”. The next canvas is glued to the joint to each other. There must be no draft in the room during operation and drying out.