How to install a socket in a drywall wall

During, even a minor repair, you will definitely have to change the sockets, not to mention the capital, where the wiring will change, and not just sockets.

Installing a socket is a very responsible procedure that requires attentiveness, accuracy, as well as a clear execution of safety rules. Many who installed walls made of drywall, or aligned the surface with them, have no idea how to be with sockets. It is very easy to install a socket in drywall. At least it is no more difficult than mounting sockets on the walls of concrete and brick. First of all, I would like to note that sockets in drywall can be installed in various ways that depend on the type of electrical wiring. For example, if the room used the open method of laying cables, then mounting should be carried out by screwing electrical elements to the wall plane. For this, special mounts are used, which are designed for drywall. The installation of such outlets is carried out in this way. First you need to determine the place to install the device, as well as make marks in the selected place to mount a socket. After that, holes are made in these places and mounts are installed. Installation of the socket itself to drywall is carried out with self -tapping screws. They are included with them. After all the necessary preliminary events, you can start directly to work. So, you need to take the socket and conduct an electric cable in the mounting hole. After that, the socket is inserted into the hole in the wall and it must be fixed to drywall with special paws: they are pressed to the inner surface due to fasteners. Next, when the socket is installed, you need to clean the cable and connect to the terminals. The subsequent stage is the fixation of the socket directly inside the socket. To do this, remove the extra cable into the gypsum cardboard cavity, and squeeze the outlet with mounting antennae. After all these works are completed, in the final you need to close the outlet with a protective lid and fixed with an additional screw.